Passionate things, favorite things, hobbies…Hmm, our life’s simple pleasures, not just for the young but also as part of aging. Keeping busy, connected, sharing, reliving positive things, events, are essential for humans. Humans are artistic, in some way or the other, nurturing and nourishing practices that bring joy, and hence immense benefit to physical or mental or spiritual health.

There are hobbies for everyone. Over the decades, what brought you happiness may have been as simple as cooking a favorite dish.

Here are some favorite senior hobbies, things that bring life’s simple pleasures into life.

  1. Reading, favorite book, authors, magazines, likewise professional journals
  2. Writing… journeys, diaries, recipes, gardening ideas, old time solutions as a homemaker…
  3. Modeling… Who said age has no style? Older models are very much needed, because fashion dresses people of all ages!
  4. Wheel throwing. Clay pots, cups, plates. An artisan of the past in the current
  5. Gardening. Growing roses, you can certainly try flowers, vegetables, herbs…
  6. Judging competitions. Because competitions always need judges in horticulture, others.
  7. Painting & arts/ sewing… As a personal hobby or teaching
  8. Singing. You can sing in a chorus, choir, or almost any religious institutions of prayer.
  9. Cooking, recipe writing, teaching, experimenting…
  10. Holistic practices, physical activities. Yoga, Tai chi, meditation…

Here are a few to name, our beautiful world with 7 continents and million plus cultures in the nook and corner of streets, from country living to city living… and not much time to experiment or experience it all, beginning and mastering one or a few is life’s simple pleasures. We thank our viewers, readers of this blog. We certainly appreciate your comments on other hobby choices not mentioned above… Thank you