This is the second in our monthly series, Health Aim Inc extends its’ warmest thanks to all who took the
time to read it! Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did penning!

The Journey continues :

“Story of the Gems and jewels, in the path we tread!”

Have you ever thought of the story of Cinderella and the glass slipper? Or the footwear that grace the
thought provoking pages of the world’s best magazines or the footprints on the beaches you visited?
What do they all have in common? “VIPS” (Value, Insight, Product, Sales n service)
VALUE : Something that is cherishable, recognizable, special and unique!

INSIGHT : Something where intuition leads you to take chances or helps understand your inner talent,
truth or triumph!

PRODUCT : Something you showcase as a mastery or as an amateur professional or human being, a living
or nonliving thing, a deep or superficial character, a wide or narrow visit of one’s self!

SALES n SERVICE : Something that drives you to perfection, you look up to, makes you smile, love,
forgive, a call of the healthy ego or confidence, leading to spectacular destinies!

This is my story, yours and everyone else’s!

Like the Bedecked dainty slippers with high strung VIPS, our life is riddled and modeled under similar
circumstances. One cannot change systems at a go, nor can one agree to some for a lifetime.
Change is a must, like the pair of slippers that will eventually lose their heels, or the jewels, or be
overused, one must understand that leaving a legacy behind is as important as starting a legacy. It is the
path we tread, leave our footprints and move on to higher consciousness, that will bring about peace,
truce at the end of our each journey, small or large.

Remember the delightful world of VIPS, and I am sure it will resonate and amplify the “Story of the
Gems and jewels, in the path we tread!”