This is the Fourth installation of our popular post Geriphotopic for August 2017







FOOD for Thought,
FOOD for Soul,
FOOD for Mind!

Food is everything………… have you ever wondered why??
Food is not everything…………have you wondered why??
Food can give so much, bring so much, enhance so much that the world over for all living things food has been the source for peace, battles, memories, stories, inspiration, confidence, great thinking and so much more………….How would we then classify food into? Associate to?
Planning, growing, harvesting, storing, cooking, sharing, caring, inspiring, nurturing, awakening, historical beginning, ending, …….…….
So let us begin with:
1. FOOD for Thought, Soul, Mind

F: Find your niche, talent, banks of knowledge, first! Before you proceed to the next step. What is it that you have that others do or don’t, what makes you special, what do people not know about you that you want them to? What is the essence behind your success or failure?

O: Occupy, organize, and orient, order, the way you want things to go or find not only you in the years but also let others do in the way you want them to!

O: Overestimation does not kill, but makes you realize your vulnerability but remember that those skills or things you do not achieve for you to grow into and reach your goals, so sometimes overkill is good!

D: Drive, dare, do, don’t, discuss, dream, drift, dress…………..not for the end point but also for the journey you have taken, taking or will take!

Every incidence, instance, invitation, inspiration, insight, imagination is what has fueled this world’s move from what it was to what we have now to what we will ……….

It is not what we think, not what our souls say, or what our minds lead us to………it is how, what , when, why, which, whom, whose, where, we can enter and leave! That symbolizes the FOOD for Thought, Soul, Mind distinctly!