Public Health is a very wide topic.

It mainly caters to the promotion of good health and safety amongst community members, and aids in the prevention of sickness, injury, disease, and death.

Since her training in Public Health at San Jose State University, Purnima Sreenivasan has utilized those skills in her medical practice for more than 16 years, and is now doing so with the new services she provides, including:

  • Senior Services – She listens, questions, educates, empowers and provides solutions and helps patients and families find a win-win situation for the elderly member concerned.
    She incorporates “health education” as a tool to enhance one’s understanding of aging, its consequences, what is normal vs. abnormal and how one can manage, find ways to cope, prevent crises, promote healthy living and wellbeing in all aspects of life!

Her goal is to promote good health, protect the individual from untimely death due to illness, injury and diseases.

She provides a very thorough Plan of Care at the end of each consultation, which encompasses all aspects of Public Health (health education) as an Aging Life Care Specialist.

We invite you to call or contact us to inquire about our free consultation, over the phone or in person, for a Caretaking Session for your parent- including a concrete plan of primary care giving/caretaking for 6 months!

  • Public Health Consultation – Purnima Sreenivasan is open to Public Health consultation at any venue (private).
    She offers services for hospitals, health systems, insurance companies, health tech ventures, clinics, institutions, businesses, investment companies (health). From startups to professionals!

With skills in strategic planning, management and marketing, our goal is to make your goal happen for you!

We welcome you to give us a call and find out more about our services.

Thank you