Purnima Sreenivasan, has been doing public speaking events since she was a youngster growing up in India.
She has spoken at more than 300 venues until now and continues to do so even today.
Her focus has changed over the years to ‘Health related ‘topics.
Her interest in public speaking is driven by an innate desire to educate, empower, enrich, encourage and inspire others!
She is fortunate to have taken public speaking as a self-driven art and regularly updates her skills by reading, watching, learning and practicing her skills.
She finds public speaking as a very effective tool when used correctly to improve people’s health and in turn find common ground for solving problems in the community. She is always happy to answer questions at the end of her talks, to guide people and find a voice for the unheard!

  • Public speaking services are available locally, globally and online.

Time: minimum one hour (including a 20 mins Q & A section)
For community/ senior centers: the service is free
For non- profits and for profits: negotiable, fee based service

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