Many of our elderly have gone through the hardest, harshest, and unimaginable. From the jungles of Papua New Guinea, to being a POW to working in fields with no clothing, food and shelter, to living out of barns like many… these stories are rich with learnings, lessons and realities of life. Discounting such is also proof of callous entitled souls. However bitter or better it may have been… going forward, mankind must go backwards to see how we can change for better.

In an era laced with remarkable… things, what can the elderly teach us about life?

Read on and share as you may …

1. Live in the present, but learn from the past

2. Survival is not a strength of character, but of thinking, intuition and powerful strategy

3. Elderly souls are baskets of thoughtful leadership and everyone can harness those with a smile and appreciation for aging

4. Aging is a boon, aged are the pillars of our communities, they still guide us in many visible and invisible ways

5. Wellness began with our aging forefathers, when they ate healthy, what was in season and the right proportions

6. Focusing on the happy future, led all elderly to their goals in achieving for what they wanted for their families of which we are a descendant of.

7. Living is life’s simple pleasures as is clothing and food

8. Helping the future is a growth mindset, the real reason why elderly dote on families and grandchildren or young members

9. Fashion for aging is fashion infinite

10. Bravery and courage come from exploring the simple or tough times… they make our so called treasured values of life.

In short, philosophy of aging is embedded in the grace of aging… so aging is and always will be in fashion! Certainly we love to hear more ideas, please share, like, so we can spread the teachings our elderly, inspire others and be inspired ourselves, Thank you.