CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends immunizations for all people!

Infections, sickness, illness, health, epidemics, endemics…………………………..

All have something in common and you know by now!

No person is immune to anything! Prevention is indeed better than cure………………..did you hear
that from your mother, grandfather? Or provider?

Infectious diseases were the leading cause of death at the turn of the century and they are still
listed in the top ten causes as of 2017!

Have you missed getting yours in time, or have you forgotten them, or have you not been able
to keep up with preventative programs?

Then look no further!! You have come to the right place- Health Aim Inc!

An Aging Life Care Specialist or Geriatric Care Manager is the right person to go to!!! You will
now be working with someone that is as interested in your wellbeing as yourself! Someone that
can identify problems, ahead of their occurrences and someone that will be your crusader,
promoter and educator!