Are you wondering why this photo is of so much importance? Well, taking further down the swift rapids of growth, why is this important at this second?

From the time of the first touch of the seed and the soil to the time of the first, delicate, tender cotyledons, a memory, a career and a life has been born……………hey wait, aging has begun!

What shapes the life led by the germinated seed, the cute seedlings, are not just the external or internal factors but also some that no science can explain ever! As it holds the key to the World of Aging!

That is the great mystery of our times, the times that have gone by and the times that are yet to come by!

As aging takes centerfold……………
Here are some ways we can help the “Aging Human World” on planet Earth- “SEEDLINGS”







1. S: Support and not just acknowledge the seniors amidst us, as we will mirror them very Soon!

2. E: Engage in meaningful ideas, growth, and work (paid or volunteering) with the aging

3. E: Encourage the changes some people envision, see, want to or create or work on, as old orders must change for new ones, so that there are new germinating seedlings to sustain us all!

4. D: Develop, desire, dare to do the above, for the road less travelled likely makes one a hero, but also is destined for solutions!

5. L: Live, love and lead a great example, as without one, there is none to fall back on, like the

6. I: Invite, invoke, and invest in curiosity to enhance partnerships, potential that will help the seniors, their families and multigenerations! As one cannot do it all! A community is the

7. N: Nurture the questioning, not just the answers, that affect the elderly and do not hesitate to ask for help, when you cannot find any yourself!

8. G: Great beginnings are the torchbearers that demystify and challenge the status quo, for the aging society and world truly needs one!

9. S: Spread the Scientific modems and technology, but note it has limitations too, the human touch for the aging population is no match for it !

Hope these inspire you, interest you or even invade your conscience for “Aging” begins as soon as we step into this Galaxy Beyond , like the “Germinating Seedlings”!