• Are Geriatric health care services/care management and others covered by insurance?

    Unfortunately, no. The visits and consultations are all direct pay (we accept credit, cash or check, but prefer credit card payments).

  • Are the visits only office, place of stay-based or both?

    We offer visits in either way or a combination of both.

  • When are payments due?

    Payment is due at the time of service/when the office policy agreements are officially signed by both parties.

  • How long do the visits last?

    Visit times are determined after our initial meeting so we can understand the client’s needs better and create a schedule that benefits them and their party the most.

  • Why do I need a Geriatrician Health Care services Coordinator?

    As a person ages, it often becomes difficult to manage his or her care, especially if there is no direct help or someone overseeing the care. This is where a Geriatric Health Services Coordinator or Geriatric Care manager can help with navigation, coaching, counseling, managing all aspects of the senior care, and help the senior and the family.

  • Why is Health Aim Inc different than others?

    Health Aim Inc.’s Geriatric Health Services/Geriatric Care Manager has been trained and worked as a geriatrician for more than a decade. She has an intricate knowledge of the approaches to better the lives of seniors. This education and experience helps to solve problems very smoothly, quickly and with a win-win approach.

  • Are you EHR savvy?

    Yes, we are. We communicate directly through EHR (electronic health records) and will give you the access to you or your patient’s record at the time of your initial visit, after the initial office policy agreements are signed.

  • Do you offer a free consultation?

    Call or contact us to inquire about our free consultation, over the phone or in person, for a Caretaking Session for your parent– including a concrete plan of primary care giving/caretaking for 6 months!