While a ladle cradling a prized dish may be enticing or even nostalgic, so are the historical eateries, established, some hundreds of years ago. The spirit of warmth, if walls could talk or the floor to transform are discoveries waiting to be discovered.

Visiting the The White Hart Inn in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2017, or eating at MTR in Bangalore, India… is a certainly sight to be experienced, and a sight for all ages. Seniors like comforting known things, young people like challenging their own appetites, and the others similarly so …

What makes these behemoths monumental are the styles, traditions, recipes, décor, storytelling, that one may not yet in newer franchises. But that be said, there are many that are joining these unique lists with unique plans, unique dishes and growing new friendships, relationships and communities.

Here are ways to bring back the dining experiences for seniors:

  1. Menu and take outs from historical restaurants or ones closely catering to needs of elderly
  2. A trip to the local diner, with family, friends, group etc
  3. Private chef dinner at home
  4. Sharing stories around these places
  5. Celebrating favorite things or milestones at historical places
  6. Visiting local markets, trying out recipes from the past
  7. Making dining a part of tour itineraries
  8. Making these special dining experiences elderly friendly, disability friendly
  9. Empowering elderly to pick out their choices, vs vice versa
  10. Believing in the culture and value of dining

Dining as a winning of cultures, minds, strategies, finer culinary skills, we must bid adieu, but before we do, we welcome you to share your thoughts, pointers, experiences, names of such places. Finally, we look forward to and love you sharing this as healthy aging communities grow, prosper and embrace life’s simple pleasures.