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Latest News

Hernia Awareness

Have you felt pain in your groin? Do you feel your abdomen has a bulge? Or is there some discomfort associated with a bulge?

This may happen to anyone…………………..

Have you been told you have one or need a surgery and you or someone concerned about the situation and needs help?

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Happy Fathers Day (June 18th, 2017)

Fathers, fathers and fathers……………………. no matter how we think or what we think of, fathers have been an integral part of our society and community worldwide!

Fathers have brought us immense joys, healthy laughter, loving moments, remarkable encouragement and all with one unified spirit!

Many are fortunate to have them for a long time and some not…………………..

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Scoliosis, not just a young person’s issue….. it causes lots on older folks too!

Does this diagnosis seem familiar……. Did you hear about it from your Dr, orthopedic specialist?

Or have you been having wondering when it happened……. was there a past trauma? Is there arthritis? Or you have no answer?

Are you suffering? Do you need rehab? Or special treatment?

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National Safety Month

Safety….. Safe living….. Safe place…… Safe home…..  Have you ever had a safety concern in your life – home, outdoors, someone else’s place?

It might have been an accident on the road to an accident at home where you fell….

Or when you were involved in a sports activity or……….

A senior with dementia leaving the stove on, forgetting to lock the doors, or paying off monies to unknown entities……….

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Hello and welcome all,

It is our end of the month special moment:
Geri Photopic spotlight! A first in our new series giving credence to important things, events, people in the world of “Geriatrics & Aging”

Mother is an embodiment of love, peace and happiness,
Children are an extension of our past, present and future.
Mother’s warmth is a sea of genuine emotions,
Where one and all can swim or embrace or nurture!

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National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month

Do you drink soda? Take certain meds – thyroid, antiseizure, blood thinners????

Have you had a fall or falls?? Has your bones been weaker and you cannot understand why?? Have you had fractures- spontaneous or through falls?

Do you suffer from pains??

Have you ever been recommended a Bone densitometry???

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Arthritis Awareness Month

Have you seen someone have trouble walking? Doing things? Or even when they move from one position to the other????

Have you heard someone keeps falling, has difficulty balancing, has gait impairment or worse unable to do the Activities of Daily Living???

Have your health care provider told you that your x-rays are not normal and you have developed “arthritis” and sent you to a specialist- Rheumatologist or Orthopedician???

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Mother’s Day (May 14th)

Mothers are special, mothers are unique beings, mothers are our world!
What sets them apart as they grow older? Most are single, women outlive men…….

More women in facilities, more women with co-morbidities, and more women have to take care of themselves……..

We salute them, we cherish them, we love them, we follow them, we are inspired by them…..

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American Stroke Awareness Month

Cardiovascular disease, Cerebrovascular disease, Tobacco smoking, Unhealthy diet, Lack of exercise……………………………. Do these terms sound familiar??????

Despite modern technology, latest trends in diagnosis, management and treatment, Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in the USA and also in other countries!

What have we done wrong? Where have we faltered? Whom do we blame??
How do we improve healthy living and decrease stats…………………………………

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World Immunization Week

Infectious diseases are still amongst the top 10 leading causes of death in the USA and also in other countries.

And immunization practices are the standards of care.

Are you someone that cannot keep up with your immunizations, do not know what immunizations are necessary at your age and how to keep it updated?
Or have you been sick with these infectious diseases once? Twice? Or more?

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