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Art & the Painter’s Dilemma

When the flamingoes danced, the irises swayed in joys… the history of painting came alive with …

With modern touches, technology advances, anyone can become a painter, a thinker, an artist??

Think again… A couple painting that I inherited when I took over an older Doctor’s practice hung on my office walls for a few years, until one fine day, I realized the person sitting to be examined in front of me, asked me if she could have the painting in the wall of the bathroom? To my utter surprise and shock, it belonged to her late mother, she had traded / bartered that painting in the 1950’s with the previous doctor in this office for medical care and treatment.

Paintings did have a story after all… Later those other paintings that graced the walls of the office, were treasured and do even today. Think about this, brings me back to painting, the arts as a social gathering, festive merry making, as seen in the renaissance, or culture, traditions upheld , or even so history of feasts, foods, animals, nature…

Elderly appreciate art, artistic things, artistic talk or people …here are some of the best known ways to celebrate art with/for/by seniors:

1. An art museum / theater outing day

2. Painting , ceramics, art at place movement, event, seminar,

3. Wine with art/ food and art gathering

4. Art display and sharing

5. Creating artistic impressions with objects, produce, flowers,

6. Painting in the park, outdoors

7. Commemorating painters, their works, local, state, country or international

8. Visit to volunteering at art centers in city, senior’s center

9. Art with children or family

10. Art with pets, animals, at the zoo or elsewhere.

Art in any form, is a joy to behold. Let us relive arts and revive arts for everyone. If you have an upcoming event, art to display, we would love to see, share, and empower people across the globe to embrace arts as part of healthy living and aging. Thank you.

Breathing Exercises for Mindfulness

The Ages have shown what controlled breathing exercises or exercises influenced by breathing patterns can do for a human body. The ancient philosophy is ever useable, as modern scientists look to the past for answers. What our heritage brings, is invaluable knowledge, sometimes no research or study can give us the answers.

These gems of culture are found within indigenous tribes, our grandparents, countries, whose ancestry dates back to thousands to BC. Learning Tai Chi a decade ago… at a mall in Hawaii, amongst a group of seniors, the octogenarians, nonagenarians helped me understand that these exercises are based on principles and philosophies of life. It is way of living, like the yoga classes we had to attend growing up school in Eastern India. It was a part of curriculum, a something of sorts to shape us the future into better humans. These profound traditions have multiple purposes and appreciating without distorting their names is what seniors, our elderly in the world are signaling to the western societies.

Here are a few places for seniors to learn, watch, attend, or commit to ancient breathing exercises:

1. A local mall, in your town

2. A senior center with supervised instructions, group or private

3. A festival… a religious institution. A cultural public or community space

4. A park, with facilities

5. A traditional class setting

6. A group of elderly committed to such healthy practices, exercises and congregating in each person’s home or a community center

7. A camp for seniors, wellbeing, to help cope with traditional methodology

8. Tailoring to seniors of all walks of life, physical, mental, financial , social, emotional is key factor…some of these have benefits beyond research.

Movement is the key word in these, breathing is the essence, and exercise is the form or state of one in… Keeping alive these forms in all parts of the world, is a means to better aging, encouraging, empowering elderly to continue what they prefer and like is more healthy and wise. We welcome insight, deeper conversations, that we can share with others of our world.

Tea Time… Life’s Simple Pleasures

Tea time…is a much celebrated tradition worldwide. The elaborate tea ceremony of Japan, to the afternoon teas in England to the tea growing regions of rainy Assam in India…Tea time is a time of taking time for personal wellness, catch up on some energy, creative thinking, sharing, and companionship to continuing traditions.

When tea was a mystery, hundreds of years ago, to the current ways of shopping for tea, tea and specialty tea shops can stimulate many a taste bud…Tea time for seniors could be a sign of respect, festiveness, routine, memorable times and more…

Often in my office, seniors preferred not to be seen by me, the doctor at certain times of a day…With better understanding, I realized the evening tea had its’ place. Visiting families in Asia, Africa…tea time is considered part of social life, from tea stalls in roadsides to elaborate tea ceremonies to the everything café downtown.

Here’s some truly humbling tea related things seniors shared with me in my decades as a geriatrician:

1. Tea times are not a thing of past, they are making a comeback

2. When you share an afternoon of tea, or meetup with someone, you are truly living not just being

3. A break for tea is worth every penny of time

4. Traditions and culture of tea times… part of healing, as tea contains certain chemicals, wellbeing, healthy living

5. Teas can be any, but the best tea can only be made with love

6. Tea time is special and miracles do happen

7. Hoping tea time is respected…

With those sayings… making time for life’s simple pleasures in any setting is settling, caring, showing love and paying attention to what matters to whom…Hope grandmother and grandfather’s traditions continue to grow, for our future generations… please share your favorite tea moments with grandma or grandpa. We would love to follow, and help the world fall in love with life’s simple pleasures once again,

Thank you

Our Elderly & What They Teach us About Life?

Many of our elderly have gone through the hardest, harshest, and unimaginable. From the jungles of Papua New Guinea, to being a POW to working in fields with no clothing, food and shelter, to living out of barns like many… these stories are rich with learnings, lessons and realities of life. Discounting such is also proof of callous entitled souls. However bitter or better it may have been… going forward, mankind must go backwards to see how we can change for better.

In an era laced with remarkable… things, what can the elderly teach us about life? Read on and share as you may …

1. Live in the present, but learn from the past

2. Survival is not a strength of character, but of thinking, intuition and powerful strategy

3. Elderly souls are baskets of thoughtful leadership and everyone can harness those with a smile

and appreciation for aging

4. Aging is a boon, aged are the pillars of our communities, they still guide us in many visible and

invisible ways

5. Wellness began with our aging forefathers, when they ate healthy, what was in season and the

right proportions

6. Focusing on the happy future, led all elderly to their goals in achieving for what they wanted for

their families of which we are a descendant of.

7. Living is life’s simple pleasures as is clothing and food

8. Helping the future is a growth mindset, the real reason why elderly dote on families and

grandchildren or young members

9. Fashion for aging is fashion infinite

10. Bravery and courage come from exploring the simple or tough times… they make our so called

treasured values of life.

Philosophy of aging is embedded in the grace of aging… so aging is and always will be in fashion! We would love to hear more ideas, please share, like , so we can spread the teachings our elderly, inspire others and be inspired ourselves, Thank you.

Savoring Grandma’s Delights

Who would not agree? … If food was the way to or for every heart? Cooking is a religion of love, peace, harmony, energy, respect and happiness.

Grandma’s or Grandpa’s cooking is legendary in every household in every culture. Culture is life’s simple pleasures. The vast majority of recipes true and tried have now disappeared, as modernization and grab-n-go culture prevails. Food used to be a setting for great discussions, joys, and exchanges of knowledge, values, insights, mentoring and more.

My mother’s special recipes or the ones we get to try from years ago or served by those stalwarts/phoenixes of the culinary world or restaurant, are something one must experience… they are life’s simple pleasures.

For most seniors in living, or sharing or staying alone, these are not possible always, here’s how to make those fond memories come alive:

1. Create a day dedicated to sharing recipe and cooking according to the popular vote or decision

2. Bring in specialty chefs to cook , share, create the festive moods of the past

3. Teach and share the skills

4. Prepare special delights to try and test if possible and applaud a winning one!

5. Journeys, travels to local restaurants as an activity

6. Ordering via online menu for take home delivery

7. Quality and quantity at feast, special occasions, festivals, anniversaries

8. Spreading the kindness through gift giving of culinary related gifting themes

9. Printing articles on local digest, newsletter on delights by grandma and grandpa

10. Recreating photo memories albums, online or else to reminisce in leisure times

Writing this piece has inspired me to be brave and try new … share and recreate memories, give and take with unlimited open-mindedness. Savoring the delights of history is one of life’s simplest pleasures. We would love to hear from you, if this has inspired you, or not let us know… as we learn and share for a better delightful aging, Thank you.

A Walk Amidst Nature- Recipe for Freshness

Walking in, with, nature, is peaceful and blissful. The sights, sounds, wisdom, feelings of joy, happiness …

Needing to find the inner peace, be more creative, looking for exercise and healthy ways, nature is a provider of many good things. Nature is a recipe for freshness, in every way.

How does one then… embrace this? As the world goes more… uniquely forward in technology, the absolute thrills of real nature are different than one created by man? Virtual reality can take you to places but should not be the only alternative for every senior as they gracefully age.

Ways to bring nature back into living space, the designs, the ambience, the beauty… is of immense worth…

Some recipes for freshness inside and outside one’s living home:

  1. Floral design with fresh flowers and greens
  2. Edible fresh fruits
  3. Pots with potted plants on patio, balcony, seasonal or perennial or hardy
  4. Indoor plants
  5. Open bright windows to access greenery, nature
  6. Sitting outside in patio, garden, or an outside / garden party
  7. Bird feeders, watching birds,
  8. Harvesting food from raised beds
  9. The five senses, touch, seeing, smelling, hearing nature
  10. Virtual reality visits for elderly that cannot due to certain circumstances

Walker, wheelchair, dependent or independent, all elderly must have access to nature, a recipe for successful healthy aging.

We would love to hear from you, and look forward to other ways in which we could help more aging citizens of the earth and nature, Thank you.

Gardening and Health!

The gardens of Eden or patio/balcony gardens of my grandma. The hanging gardens or the raised terrace gardens, people of all ages, times, societies, occupations, professions or businesses have enjoyed a garden one time or more. Gardens bring pleasures of a world that is unknown, changeable, moving, challenged by nature, at the mercy of the universe and climate change…

My earliest impressions of gardening were while watching my parents and grandparents garden, growing up in India, then living in Africa, traveling as a teenager and then in the USA and traveling again…

Health cannot be measured only by genetics, situation, race, age, or many other factors.

Health benefits from access to nature. In fact, most medieval times used natural treatments, and people still do so today. Not just in indigenous cultures, but in the modern world also.

You can gain health by recuperating in nature, eating healthy, eating fresh, living simply, and staying as all natural as possible.

Over the years of my personal and professional life, having conversations with seniors made me realize how intricate part of their lives were related to gardening, gardens, nature and outdoors. The elderly were proud to share their gardening skills… from growing radishes, to window planting to fruit orchards in their acreage to the country life many left behind when they married and moved to cities as they looked for jobs.

Gardening is a healthy habit making a comeback… Here are few things to restart a passion of gardening:

1. Consider going simple and small

2. Try flowers for display, views and fragrance

3. Have a system to water … because having drip lines, a hose, or a can nearby makes watering easier

4. Take a walk in the nursery or garden center

5. Botanical tours

6. Gardening, flower or produce societies

7. Social media follows: Facebook, Instagram

8. Friendship garden walks with friends

9. Travel to natural surroundings, parks

10. Sharing experiences with family, friends, grandchildren

Because there is always more to gardening, learning, and life’s simple pleasures. Finding a healthy habit like gardening can certainly benefit your mental and physical health. If this blog resonates with you, please share and give us your input, as we benefit the world , Thank you.

To Receive the Best Senior Care, One Must ? For Their Aging Family Member?

What does one mean by best senior care? Most of the companies provide similar senior care, however their hourly rates, may differ, or their specialty may be a thing or two. In senior living, it is the same, the smaller facilities are more homelike, offer a more personalized care and may specialize in something vs a larger facility which has access to more resources, and may or may not translate to the ratio of caregivers to the senior.  The pricing can vary depending on needs, availabilities…

So what should one do to help their senior receive the best care…

Now that you have moved them to a senior care facility or home, or have those sharing their home with someone?

  1. Keep advance directives, contact information easily accessible to the senior or the senior living or caregiver
  2. Make them aware that things could be worked out, and that it takes time, patience and understanding… decision made less than a month to move out are sometimes hasty decisions and may not solve the issues
  3. Have a routine for chores, care etc., to make it a smooth transition for both parties
  4. Take time to introduce each other and sit for a meetup over coffee/ tea in or without the presence of the family
  5. Work on simple things first, get them right, then go to complex things
  6. One can hear out third party opinions but remember the final decision making is not theirs
  7. Approach this change in a senior’s life with lots of sensitivity, for most times the solutions lie in the approach and not after
  8. Create an inviting atmosphere for all
  9. Bring in the blend of old and the new with time, and not be forced upon
  10. Believe in the power of communication, compassion and listening

These above little gems were based on my personal experiences. Opinions vary and we are open to new learning and sharing… so please send us your comments, and help healthy aging globally. Thank you

Are You Considering Assisted Living Facilities?

Assisted living facilities are a key type of senior living option for those in our aging population.  They can be termed by congregate housing, senior care facility, boarding home or even domiciliary care. These facilities care for the elderly who need daily care.  This could be in the form of medical care, daily tasks, or just a little bit more help with normal living needs.

Over one million people live in assisted living facilities.  About 30,000 of these locations exist across the country with a majority of them being female and over the age of 80.  Most of these seniors have income below the poverty line.

Senior citizens stay in assisted living for a few years and then either move out to go back home, to another facility, or to a skilled nursing home.  Finances and living arrangements are the two main sources for decisions to move.


Tenants Rights

Seniors who stay at assisted living homes are generally independent.  This allows them to feel confident and more comfortable in their aging state.  Their dignity and privacy are also kept intact.

As a result, if a resident gets critically ill or injured, they are usually moved to a hospital or skilled nursing home.  If the situation is temporary, many of these homes will do their best to readmit a resident after the situation has improved.  If a tenant appears to be in the process of dying, they can remain as long as the assisted living home can provide the services they need.  Thus, a resident has the following rights:

  • Respected and treated with Dignity
  • Not forced to abide by a religion
  • Be cared for and not be abused
  • Freedom of movement
  • Privacy
  • Continue to utilize their own personal items
  • Manage their finances
  • Many also allow pets and regular visitors

Living Environment

These facilities usually have two forms of housing:  semi-private and private. There are furnished and unfurnished options.  Many of them have kitchens and private bathrooms.

In addition to the housing, these living environment have enhancements through their services such as:

  • Additional care services for daily living (i.e. dressing, eating, showering, etc)
  • Food services
  • Learning Environment
  • Emergency Services
  • Wellness Programs
  • Housekeeping
  • Group sessions
  • Transportation
  • Personal Services


Each locations pricing differs.  Some are an all in one option while others provide tiered pricing.  They vary from a few hundred dollars to over $3,000. Many pay for this out of pocket although


Level of Care

A key difference between facilities is the level of care their residence receive. Make sure to research this in detail before signing up.

Bottom line is to take the time to ask questions, ensure all your desired services are provided and the right community atmosphere exists before you sign up for a facility.

How Communities Can Support the Elderly

Senior citizens have always been the gateway to our past and the wisdom for our future. The life lessons they have learned can help our next generation and it’s important to cherish their contribution to our society. Communities can do many things to recognize the strength of our senior generation. The following are just a few ways they could help:

A key benefit that senior living options and communities can do for our seniors is to provide these services:

Senior Care and Living

Many communities provide senior care options in order to ensure long term wellness and reduce illness. Having strong preventive and rehabilitative care is essential. These services are even stronger when they’re home-based.

With age comes different living needs. Seniors have special amenities that would help make their daily living amazing. Communities that make a variety of living options available for seniors expand the ease to which the elderly can continue to age with dignity.

Assisted Living

A corollary of senior living options is assisted living. Many seniors need help with certain supervision and oversight due to concerns about their health or ability to do some tasks. Communities can provide assisted living options so seniors who need that extra help are able to easily gain access to it.

Independent Living

Similarly, some seniors are young at heart and able to do everything on their own. Certainly adults need a climate where they don’t feel “old” and an environment that allows them to exercise their independence.  

Senior Centers

Socialization and other “classes” designed for the elderly are often big challenges for the aging. Communities with a senior community center that offers the ability for the elderly to socialize or take senior focused classes or groups can greatly help those in our wisdom generation.

Specialty Organizations

Many non-profits and other speciality organizations cater to the elderly. For instance, many Rotary clubs provide Home Team, which provides handyman service to the aging. Such organizations further strengthen the welcoming climate for the community’s elderly population.

As our Baby Boomers generation becomes our “Wisdom” generation, our elderly are needing communities to take steps to provide a welcoming and resource based approach for them. The above are just a few of the ways communities can take steps to make it better for our senior citizens.


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