The Ages have shown what controlled breathing exercises or exercises influenced by breathing patterns can do for a human body. The ancient philosophy is ever useable, as modern scientists look to the past for answers. What our heritage brings is invaluable knowledge, because sometimes no research or study can give us the answers.

These gems of culture are found within indigenous tribes, our grandparents, countries, whose ancestry dates back to thousands of years BC. Learning Tai Chi a decade ago at a mall in Hawaii, I was among a group of seniors. The octogenarians and nonagenarians helped me understand that these exercises are based on principles and moreover, philosophies of life.

Tai Chi is a way of living. Similarly to the yoga classes we had to attend growing up school in Eastern India. It was a part of curriculum, to shape us into better humans. These profound traditions have multiple purposes.

Here are a few places for seniors to learn, watch, attend, or commit to ancient breathing exercises:

1. A local mall, for instance in your town

2. A senior center with supervised instructions, group or private

3. A festival… a religious institution. For example: a cultural, public or community space

4. A park, with facilities

5. A traditional class setting

6. A group of elderly committed to such healthy practices, exercises and congregating in each person’s home or a community center

7. A camp for seniors, wellbeing, to help cope with traditional methodology

8. Tailoring to seniors of all walks of life, physical, mental, financial , social, emotional is key factor…because some of these have benefits beyond research.

Above all, movement is the key word in these. Breathing is the essence, and exercise is the form or state of one in… Keeping alive these forms in all parts of the world, is a means to better aging. Encouraging and empowering the elderly to continue what they like is healthy and wise. We welcome insight, deeper conversations, that we can share with others of our world.