From a Kimono, to Sushi, to shopping at Longs……… was what I learned from the senior friend of mine! I was invited to her home, one evening. As I parked my car, took the elevator up, I found myself walking into a tastefully decorated home, greeted by a smiling elderly woman and to sum it up “Keep it small and simple”!

As we had Sushi, we discussed, nutrition, water, fluids, meditation, peace, sleep, all the things that most of us take for granted! I was surprised to hear how it was, after her husband had passed away, how it was prior and during healthier times. For sure, she still tried to keep up on the healthy diet. Her favorite was bitter melon, rice, vegetables……..fruits sparsely??

As we walked to the elevator and as I walked towards the car, so many things dawned on me…………her housing, her finances, depression?? Nutrition??……..
On a surprise encounter at Longs drugs, I learned she liked to shop at Longs, with her limited income and for greens and protein; she made an occasional trip with her neighbors to the local market.
She disliked big box stores but choices were not available, nor affordable nor accessible!

Most Seniors truly have transportation issues, they are so dependent on it, that sometimes waiting makes them not seek help , or support or shop ………..!
1. What, why, whose, when, which, where, whom?
2. Nutritional history is a biospirituopsychossociofinancial map of the person!
3. Past is past, present is present and future is future!
4. Affordability, availability, accessibility is the MANTRA!
5. Micro and macro nutrition……..
6. Sum it up with an ANSWER KEY or PLAN OF CARE!

Lessons learned: some things cannot be changed, but surely looking at things in the person’s way may make more sense? Or less sense? It is your call! As aging progresses, nutrition plays even more a key role as the person is not only putting food in one’s mouth but also others like pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and so on. What is appetizing to us may not be to others, so embracing culture, diversity and opening our horizon is a good idea, if we have not it yet. Some foods are universal, but not all problems are, so include the person’s quality, when deciding nutrition, rather than just the quantity left.

Nutritive value is lost, if eaten, cooked or prepared wrongly and served! So take some time, to read more, understand and know that it is science and not all fun! And lastly don’t forget to be colorful with foods but also the serve ware, plates and all! Power of the Palette! Thank you.

Thank you, from the desk of Health Aim Inc/ Purnima Sreenivasan