Aging & preparation

What should a senior be prepared for? When should a senior? What for should a senior? Why should a senior?

We are growing older, and age is a mere number now. Some age early and suffer from unfortunate events and chronic conditions years before others do or are diagnosed with. Health has never been a more important issue than currently. As health care is modified and changed, preparation of any kind will really help people stay stronger, healthier, educated and make the right choices.

As I remember my numerous patients……I should commend on their sincerity in following, respecting my care and never hesitating to question me, about their health care and other issues.

So let us begin
1. Do you have a check list of life’s health issues and events?
2. Do you have a check list of your financial status?
3. Do you have a check list of disaster planning, contacts and valuables?
4. Do you have a check list of things you want to ask the provider at each encounter? And keep a summary of the answers as you go on in life?
5. Do you know what to do when or if something should happen to you or your family?
6. Do you have a checklist of who to call, in emergency, where, what, which, why?
7. Do you have check list of your health care desires, decisions, and determinants? A DNR, a POLST, an advance directive?
8. Do you have a check list of your assets, the income, the expenses, inheritance, and value of your possessions?
9. Do you have a check list of drug, OTC (over the counter), alternative healing therapies, others in health care apart from your provider and allopathic specialists? ( chiropractors, rehab, massage, Chinese medicine, classes you go to, things you do , people you see outside of a regular medical practice, things where you buy from)
10. Do you have a check list containing will, estate planning, etc?

Age is not the limit, nor is time; the early bird phenomenon is the best and even better if updated regularly!
The above may be an exhausting list, but once you have accomplished most, you will feel a sense of ownership and confidence, that will let you concentrate on other aspects of living. It can also prevent future squabbles, family dynamics, and unpleasant scenarios.

Thank you, from the desk of Health Aim Inc/ Purnima Sreenivasan