It has been an interesting journey for me the past 6 months. What is interesting is that my talents, creativity, insights, intuition, public speaking skills, among others have seen a “New Me and I”!
As I embark on a very similar yet different journey, I do realize that my years of hard work, learning, knowledge, patience, humor, has never walked away!

Every week in the Mid-week diaries, I hope to shed light or shine the light as some would say on a critical senior issue!

I hope to create inquisitively, impart education, provide enrichment to the soul, raise our intuitions, mastermind acceptance intelligence and empower this world with inspirations from all corners.

I begin with my own journey in Geriatric medicine. It was late 2002, I lived in New Jersey and was about to graduate my residency in Family Medicine and get an MD in less than 6 months.
I felt I needed more learning in older adult care, out of my own passion not because of lack of knowledge or something else. I realized then that the world of aging as we all are familiar with was very vast and I had just touched the tip of the iceberg. I loved older people and wanted to do more for them. I applied for my graduate studies in Geriatric Medicine, at many universities in California and Hawaii, as we were planning to move back to west coast. I was interviewed at a few places, I was sent a letter by some that they had very less spots and it was sad that a charismatic person could not get the offer and all wished me luck.
I was interviewed for over three hours, one cold night in February’2003 and received a letter of acceptance soon after. I was beyond thrilled, it was a hard sacrifice to leave behind a spouse and a little two year old, but I knew that there was a reason and a journey I had to take.

I am so grateful even today for this amazing journey I took, despite the myriads of struggles, troubles, joys, sadness, happiness, not only did I learn about Geriatrics, but I was introduced to death and dying in a spiritual philosophical way. I learned to laugh with seniors, smile with seniors, share their jokes and sense of humor, learn unity among diversity, what the feeling and the landscape of human mind was on the day of the bombing at Pearl Harbor, an opening into the world of Alzheimer’s and dementia, the souls, the caregivers ‘insight, philosophy of the aging brain, Tai chi and the ancient world’s best kept secrets, how the world of board and care homes were born, why less is more and more is less sometimes with senior care, a world within a world and yet to be deciphered!

Lessons: reach out to others to reach out for yourself, healthy aging is within oneself, the lost art will never die, what we really want as we age, why we cannot care for the elderly in the same way the elderly did in their generations, the mystical journey of death and dying, we will all age, so age gracefully, respectfully, happily, a key to the modeling of appreciate intelligence!

I thank my Alma Mater for opening my door ……………………………………..and it shall remain open forever.

Thank you, from the desk of Health Aim Inc/ Purnima Sreenivasan