Purnima Sreenivasan has an MPH in Community Health education from San Jose State University, CA, where she learned majority of her health care management and business skills through statistics, development and negotiation.

She owned and operated a solo medical practice for more than a decade, and has held medical director positions at home health, hospice and served on the board of directors for Meals on wheels for a few years.

She has extensive knowledge, unmatchable experience, inborn talent in health care management, strategic planning, insurance companies, product development, finances and operations, leadership, vision, community health education, medical practice management, health promotion, customer service, patient advocacy, elder care, revenues, health care consulting, marketing, health care coordination, aging life care among others.

She is a committed, strongly will powered, passion driven, multi- talented, genuinely interested and sincerely determined in making a difference and helping others to a win- win situation.

She approaches each vision with a culminating positive dream/ answer/ finale.

  • Value Services: prevention, process, practice, product, promotion and public health.
  • Initiative collaboration: interviews, longitudinal brainstorming, synchronization, research, approach, creativity and fruition.
  • Offering: local, global