Purnima Sreenivasan is an senior specialist, with genuine flair, talent in consultation and negotiation, an extensive past experience as a geriatrician serving Walnut Creek and the bay area.
During her term as a geriatrician, she has helped numerous seniors and their families by finding proper homes for them free of charge.

Has worked with the families with limited or unlimited resources.

Has helped families with filling out forms, guiding/ referring them to proper resources, including others.

She has got to know and work with numerous facilities on an individual basis and all the above for the past decade and a half.

Services – FREE Placements for seniors and their families.

Customers- seniors, seniors’ family members, DPOA finances and/or health care, fiduciaries, real estate companies, insurance companies, hospital case management department, corporate health care, businesses ( any size), health care systems, financial institutions , out of state Aging life care specialists/ geriatric care managers, public health guardian, county public health professionals.


  1. Complete thorough examination of history, issues, finances, health status, family status, medications, nutrition, psychological well being, current living status and all recent health care records.
  2. Strategic planning, planning and counseling- with senior/ entities as above.
  3. Counseling on choices, best fit for the senior.
  4. Visits to local facilities/ touring with importance paid to location, budget, wellness, status etc
  5. Facilitation of move to the property chosen and agreed upon by the parties.
  6. Post move visits and correspondence to ensure the move was smooth and provide support for any issues encountered ( free of charge to customer)

Cost: FREE to customer.


  1. Local to local move/ placement – where the client needs to move from one residence to another locally within a certain range.
  2. Out of state to local move/ placement- where the client needs to move from out of state to a local area (where we are located).

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