Consultations are held at locations as detailed below.

These are one-on-one and will include a complete assessment at each visit, as well as a plan to make sure the senior is getting the best care possible.
They are to be availed after the initial introductory consultation, where we get to know more about the client, family, issues, and problems to understand the complexity of the situation.

After the initial consultation, our services include:

  • Senior care coordination with families, DPOA (Durable Power of Attorney), IHSS (In-Home Supportive Services), Home Health, Hospice, Rehab, Physicians, Hospitals, Pharmacies, and others.
  • Senior mental health/bio psychosocial well-being assessments and coordination with physicians and the community to achieve stability with the purpose of finding the best solution.
  • Senior placement assessments and transition-of-care assessments. Includes SNF (Skilled Nursing Facilities), ALF (Assisted Living Facilities), Board & Care Homes, etc.
  • Senior referrals for health and non-health related matters.
  • Senior medication review, management and coordination with the client’s physician/pharmacy.
  • Senior team coordination in facilities, homes and hospitals.
  • Senior counseling on any related issues.
  • Senior care coordination of caregiver and client, early intervention of caregiver crisis, and appropriate management with in-home personal care to prevent burnouts and promote healthy relationships.
  • Forms, record keeping and much more.
  • Senior safety recognition, management and monitoring—falls, elder neglect, elder abuse, etc.
  • Senior chronic disease care recognition, monitoring, management, and coordination.
  • Senior depression, Alzheimer’s and dementia care management.
  • Senior discharge coordination and navigation.
  • Senior Supportive Services referral and coordination.
  • Placement of senior after a complete, thorough history inclusive of issues, finances, health status, family status, medications, nutrition, psychosocial well-being, counseling, and others as per necessity.
  • Assessment and health care management
  • Elder care quality assurance
  • Placement services for seniors, non skilled nursing facility
  • Senior plans of care
  • Senior health coordination and completion
  • Nursing home advocacy and referral consultation

Purnima Sreenivasan has more than 16 years of experience in this field and understands the needs of the person, family and facility. She strives to attain the best fit for each person and sustain a win-win situation for all.