Continuing to do the things we once loved is a basic longing of a human being. And inability to do so, due to various restrictions from one’s body can lead to many effects…
Finding it difficult adjusting to aging when one is living alone vs in the company of others is very different. Consequently there can be loss of independence, self-control, faith, confidence, sleep, health, mental health..

Here are things that can lead to giving up activities:

1. Chronic medical conditions
2. Acute health conditions with a temporary setback
3. Sudden decline in health
4. Mental health issues like depression or others like loneliness
5. Injuries
6. Cognitive issues and decline, inability to remember recent activities
7. Loss of friends who socialized and participated in activities collectively due to disease, decline or death
8. Loss of ability to pay for transportation to attend events
9. Inability to do activities that need physical exertion , because they need more energy, are too time consuming
10. Change in personal goals, likings, tastes. With ageing.

What to do when finding it difficult adjusting to aging and giving up activities?

1. Talk, speak, converse with family, friends, community, neighbors
2. Understand limitations by speaking with a health professional
3. Find ways to use time in things that do not deteriorate health
4. Join groups for adjusting to aging with people who have similar issues
5. Connect with or ask people to help you connect with resources catered to declining function in seniors

There is a wide range of activities available in most communities, finding the right one takes time, yet the benefits when adjusting to aging are many. If there are none in your area, certainly think of asking your local elected official or senior organization to start one. We look forward to your ideas to share, help more seniors and their families. Thank you