Purnima Sreenivasan is a patient advocate, physician diversity promoter, public health crusader, aging life care specialist, writer par excellence!  She has years of proven dedicated health care service to people of the world. Now relaunching in the world of writing, global health care speaking, health tech entrepreneurship, leadership, her simple yet humble journey began in India, 46 years ago. As a child, she fought to eradicate poverty, illiteracy and educate the slums, in topics ranging from as simple as brushing one’s teeth to reading and writing, all in the thought of making a positive impact on this world. She worked for Mother Teresa’s, Sisters of charity, as a young youth in India. She volunteered for the Pulse Polio Program in India which finally led to the eradication of polio from India in the late 90’s. She enjoyed working and delivering in the public health rural clinics, India. Her volunteering took her to the depths of the diverse Highland Hospital’s ER to the Children’s hospital, Oakland hallways in late 90’s. She loves teaching and educating and has spoken more than 300 times in her medical/ healthcare career. She even did an Ethnic health needs assessment at SJSU in 2000, as part of her MPH program, researching and coming up with data to prove that BP levels were indeed relatable to stress ! She eagerly signed up for numerous ethnically diverse society events in HI during her fellowship program, educating seniors on health issues within a wide range! Her motto still stands tall “Where Quality Matters”!

This former physician has gone above and beyond most lives can envision. Her core strength/ Mantra of Genuine Interest, sheer handwork and sincere determination laced with plenty of grit and integrity is the reason why she continued to practice wholesome medicine, with happiness, humility and loyalty. She not only gave patients years more than what they were supposed to be alive but also solved some of the most intricate of problems, due to the positivity, the courage and the respect she had for the opportunities given to her by her customers, families, and community. Her testimonials on her website speak volumes!

“Health Aim Inc” was founded by Purnima Sreenivasan, in December 2004. Their Medical practice office opened to the public on Jan 1, 2005. The name has deep significance! “Health” stands for Health for all, a basic human right and not bound by caste, diversity, ethnicity, race, sex, finance and others. “Aim” stands for ambition that drives the organization even today! Health Aim Inc. provided office based medicine to a variety of patients from children to elders. Their services were based on the principles of Health education gained through the MPH program that she completed. There was pride in caring, pride in sharing the knowledge and pride in finding health care solutions amidst humor, respect and love. The organization provided included home care medicine (house calls) to the very sick, the elderly, the immobile and the frail, often overlooked in this society.  Many of these people left without a physician that cared ( as house calls were and still are unknown to many), Purnima Sreenivasan took upon a time consuming, interesting journey to help these folks get the care they needed, prevent repeated hospitalizations and providing comfort amongst familiar surroundings. She became well known in this sphere and well-liked by all. Her detailed and strategic planning skills, great management of time, money and resources, leadership paved the path to freedom for many, who graduated and went on to start coming to her office instead. Many got years more than they were expected to live and that too in a fulfilled way. This story of hers and Health Aim Inc. is very personal, honoring, humbling and beyond one’s imagination, spent long hours outside of mainstream practice.

With her Fellowship in geriatric Medicine, health Aim Inc. went onto providing Long term care and post-acute medical care for more than 15 facilities in the bay area, spanning contra Costa, and alameda and Santa Clara counties over their next 13 years. Visiting with patients, spending time with them and their families, coming to their rescue during difficult times, was only one spoke of the wheel. Not just did the lives of hundreds of patients in skilled nursing facilities get benefited, but also many looked forward to the days they were discharged back to their homes.  Purnima Sreenivasan of Health Aim Inc. took this mission beyond and hence major changes happened due to the positive influence, the teaching, the education she provided at these facilities. Many now included, nutritional counseling, therapy, speech therapy, fall prevention, UTI prevention programs, mental health screenings and so on.   An understanding of life and death amongst diversity was one of the other key components. Hence, working as hospice doctor from inpatient hospice to facility based hospice care, Health Aim Inc. maintained its motto of health as quality and health as a basic fundamental human right. Ability to hear, listen, engage and speak the language of the dying person, with humanity and love and care, this organization offered a unique perspective on the benefits of healthy dying, dying with peace, dying with integrity! Families fulfilled their dreams, and Purnima Sreenivasan made sure each dying person’s wishes were fulfilled. She and Health Aim Inc. saw marriages happen, horses come visit with their dying masters, strawberry shortcake fulfilling the final meal just before death and being explained the dying scene by a dying patient!

This journey is now riding its’ second curve, with new ideas, dreams, and She and Health Aim Inc continue to work towards fulfilling missions, visions, goals, bringing value to the society and inspiring others, all the way being inspired ……………………a journey that will create better things for generations to come through legacy!

We hope to connect with you , answer your questions, cure your pains, solve your problems, in this world of aging, health care, geriatrics.